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Peril on King William Road.

February 23, 2015


At last!

Some support (and from the victims themselves!!) for  my persistent warnings that Unley’s one-time premier shopping venue is eating and drinking its way to death.

Today’s page 15 story in the “Advertiser” echoes exactly what I have been preaching for some years now…that the proliferation of  eateries is contributing to the not-so-slow demise of what is meant to be our shopping showcase.

That, and the unacceptably high level of vacant premises, which I reported on to Council last year. At that time my count was 18 or so, which neighbouring traders  I privately surveyed attributed to swingeing rises in rental demands and too many cafes.

In her “Tiser” article, Eastern Courier Messenger reporter Celeste Villani echoes the message I have been trying to get across to everyone… including my warning that Council’s approval of on-street eateries (quaintly given the innocuous title of  “parklets”) is ludicrous in the face of already existing parking problems.

One trader is quoted by Ms Villani as saying that the “cafe society” image, plus high rents and a lack of sufficient parking space, was threatening the street’s existence.

For me, that has a familiar ring. It’s not even a WEE bit comforting to know that I am not alone in my pessimism.


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