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Hills Hoists: Trashing the myth..

February 25, 2015


images (30)Three or so months ago, in one of Grumpy’s persistent bids to redress the irritating habit of the media to re-write (read trash) Australian history and folklore, I dipped my toes into the murky depths of that quintessential great icon …the backyard rotating laundry hoist.

Why? Because I had stumbled across an example of the breed waiting to be collected by the Council hard-waste waggon after being ripped out of the back garden of a house three doors down from Chateau Grumpy.

Not  just any old common or garden hoist, mind you, but  the true leader of its kind… a Toyne.

Sadly the relic was deemed too decayed to fulfill my suggestion of a place of honour outside Council’s village green museum.

Now, unfortunately  three months too late, comes categoric  evidence that would have encouraged me to insist on renewed efforts for its rescue and restoration.

The evidence?   “Hung Out to  Dry. Gilbert Toyne’s classic Australian clothes Hoist”  co-written by Peter Cuffley and  Cas Middlemis, and published by Cas in 2009.

Now, it has to be acknowledged that a gadget for transforming the gentle art of clothes drying isn’t everyone’s idea of a rivetting read. But this is definitely a fascinating tome of detection which should be a required reference volume in every media outlet and all SA Government agencies.

That way we could ensure that the Toyne family’s indisputable claim to inventor fame is fully acknowledged from now on. For far too  long  it has  been the victim of the mis-admiration embedded in Australia’s history.

P.s. Did you know that in some states in America it is forbidden to hang out washing to dry? Just another cost-free snippet to  broaden your general knowledge. Who says this website isn’t educational?

P.p.s.  Cas tells me that there are still  copies of her detective story available. She can be contacted at And tell her that Grumpy sent you…

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