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A “hit”? It’s not even a tickle…

March 4, 2015

As a journalist I know the need for a catchy headline. But to label the $10- a- year rise in the cost of dog registration in Unley as a “hit” is perhaps just a bridge too far…

lachlan clyneMy mathematics are somewhat rudimentary, but I work it out that the rise equates to less than 20 cents a week, and given the excess weight carried around by many of the pooches being paraded around our streets a reduction in their gourmet-packed din-dins wouldn’t do them a lot of harm. They might just turn out to be as healthy looking as the four-legged companion of Unley ‘s Mayor and Mayoress…(That’s just an excuse for using a great pic). Pay me later, Lachlan…

Meanwhile it might have been helpful if the Courier story had included a summary of the substantial reductions in registration that can be obtained for canines that are micro-chipped, etc.

Details can be obtained from the Council offices.

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