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King William’s woes.

March 6, 2015

I don’t like to say “Told you so”, but…I’ve  told you so.  Again and again.

At last (and hopefully not too late) the message is getting through to the potential victims that Unley’s premier shopping street is in danger of cappuchino-ing itself to death.

My constant plaint about the over-provision of eateries  is  gradually attracting more and more support. Though not, unfortunately from everyone, with one business owner quoted in this week’s “Courier” as saying that cafes are “great” as they draw people to the area. True, but for how much longer as the reservoir of places where you can actually buy goods rather than goodies dries up?

And, as Hyde Park Tavern owner Tony Frazon is quoted as saying…many of the streets’s eateries are too similar. “You need to get the mix right  because you can kill it with too much of a particular product, whether it be food outlets or cafes”.

To (sort-of) coin a new slogan… variety is the spice of life. No variety? No good news for Unley’s icon.


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  1. Ian S permalink
    March 6, 2015 7:32 pm

    Of course it’s got absolutely nothing to do with the changing demographics of the area, the ridiculously high rents charged, the stupid numbers of noisy through traffic private cars or the narrow footpaths. The area lost its “character” a long time ago. No amount of blaming opportunistic business people will change that. Likewise, no number of parklets is going to make one iota of difference either. The solution will be multifaceted and require action instead of the unproductive jaw flap blaming that has occurred over the past 10 years.


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