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Welcome to Splenderville…

March 7, 2015

What a wonderfully sounding name for a suburb! Obviously designed by a real estate agent with up-market customers in mind. What’s changed…

Pity it didn’t last, like so many other street and area names I came across  in  a 1929 Adelaide map drawn to my attention by auctioneer Peter the Irish at Small and Whitfield’s auction last week.

“Splenderville”  no longer survives in Unley, but one Culvert Street resident still remembers the orginal name, and some others which have changed with the passage of time.

To name just a few. The western ends  of Opey Avenue  and Hart Avenue were originally Edgware Road and Margate Street respectively. The western side of Unley Oval was bounded by Beaconsfield Terrace (now Trimmer Terrace) and  the eastern side by and Victoria Terrace (now Langham Terrace). And Chinner Avenue was once Malvern Street.

One can only pity the poor,  confused posties when the changes took place…hopefully not all at the same time!

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