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Dying to meet you…

March 9, 2015

horse-drawn-hearseNo folks, it’s not a joke. There is actually a chance for you during the next few months to catch up with  some friends over coffee or tea  and cakes for an enlightening morning discussing…DEATH.

Pardon the pun (said by some to be the lowest form of wit) but Palliative Care South Australia has launched their “Die-alogue Cafe” …ouch!.. a programme which has all the regular hallmarks of your regular morning tea destination with one major difference– death as the main topic of conversation.

It’s such a macabre  if sensible idea (modelled on the internationally growing movement of “Death Cafes”, so to advertisement says) that I  just had to give it the Grumpy seal of approval by revealing the venues.

BURY OR BURN? The farewell. April 24 at Enfield Memorial Park.

DEATH RITUALS. Past, present and predictive. June 19 at Museum of SA.

THE RIDE. Coffin. Casket or cardboard? Augus 17 at 105 Prospect Road.

CROSSING THE LINE. When cure becomes care.  November 6. The Mary Potter Hospice.

For enquiries, ring 8271 1643,  (toll free… No, sorry that’s just a joke..)  Or go to

And tell them that you heard about it on “GrumpyinUnley”.

Meanwhile, on an international note, I’ve often promoted several and dollar-earning novel ways of crossing over.  Burning longboats used to be a spectacular Viking  favourite, while sky burials involving large birds of prey is still quite a favourite in some regions of Asia. And it’s a mind-bending experience to see laden rafts drifting down Asian waterways past villagers taking part in their morning ablutions.

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