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Pee Power is no joke.

March 14, 2015

I have it on good authority, but I still had to look at my diary to see that it wasn’t April the First.

It seems that the University of the West of England is using human urine to fuel microbial fuel cells that generate electricity! And it works…

The ground-breaking technology is apparently being used in (where else?) an on-campus urinal  and can power one indoor light. The fuel cells work by employing live microbes which feed on the human waste for their own growth and maintenance.

The powers-that-pee say the technology has the potential for a major impact on the area of renewable energy, does not use up fossil fuels and the main source of power is a waste product in plentiful supply.

Oxfam and the university hope to bring the technology to refugee  camps without an electricity supply.

Who says “Grumpy” doesn’t keep up with technology breakthroughs?

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