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Gazanias a no-go-zonia?

March 15, 2015

gazania-daisyMy Her Indoors, (to quote Arfur Daley of  “Minder”) is also Her Outdoors…and somewhat puzzled.

Armed with a list of plants to beautify the sprawling hectares around Chateau Grumpy, she hied herself off to Bunnings and asked for directions to the gazania shelves or whatever they are called.(n.b.horticultural pursuits are, in my chauvinistic view, not really a male “thing”). Only to be told that the breed/family/whatever were no longer stocked. Something to do with them being proclaimed  a noxious weed!

Can’t find out whether this is true or just a flower furphy, but our footpath verge is now adorned with something described unflatteringly as “pigface”.

Can anyone out there shed any light on the alleged ban? I have spent a frustrating few hours on my computer trying to sift out the real facts of the situation, and certainly in Queensland gazanias are not exactly favourite, being likened to the African Daisy. But I can’t find anything about a “noxious weed” status in South Australia.


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  1. Suzytee permalink
    March 15, 2015 2:07 pm

    Did hear similar a few years ago so could be right – however gazanias are a lovely plant which grows easily from snips should you still be interested. Pigface – as children we loved finding it in the sandhills at Wallaroo – a native – grows like a weed – tough as boots. Gardening is such fun and good for the soul


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