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Police presence in peril

March 19, 2015

police badgeThe Romans had a solution to their empire’s woes…fob off the populace with bread and circuses.

Fast track to 2015 and the mob of  North Terrace no-hopers we have in charge of South Australia’s future have obviously been soaking up the ancients’ answer to all our many, many financial problems.

Who needs luxuries like the Repat when we can placate the peasants with the circus-like rape of the banks of the Torrens? A project that the Labor Party promised –hand on heart several years ago– would never happen.

Now, in the escalating enthusiasm for cutbacks which seem to pop up with frightening frequency, comes the brilliant crime-fighting tactic of closing   a mere EIGHT statellite police stations…Newton, Firle, North Adelaide, Blakeview, Pooraka, Tea Tree Gully, Hallett Cove and — in Grumpy’s particular metropolitan patch — Malvern.

While it’s London to a brick that the blinkered bean counters have made up their minds, the Commissioner of Police has invited everyone to provide a written submission detailing concerns, issues or comments.

All submissions are required by close of business on Tuesday, April 7., addressed to Project Manager, SAPOL Organisation Reform Project, at GPO Box 1539, Adelaide 5001. Alternatively you can forward your opinions  to




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