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Footpath food folly.

March 24, 2015

An Unley Road eatery boasts on its website  of a $4000-a-week “take” from it’s pavement eating area…while Unley Council continues to contribute  ratepayers money to the project.

Which, in a nutshell, was the basis of discussion when the continuing sorry saga of “A Mother’s Milk” occupied an unnecessarily long part of Monday’s marathon meeting.

Back in November when AMM’s al fresco foray came to a grinding halt (as did the vehicle which crashed into the restaurant’s Maud Street frontage) Council agreed to contribute 5o% of the water filled barriers needed to allow the outdoor eating to continue in safety.That cost ratepayers $90 a week. Which, at the time, and given the estimated length of the exercise, was relatively insignificant.

Since then the ratepayer gift has reached approximately $2000. And with the decision to enter into discussions with the restaurant owners re the future of the pavement project,  the civic generosity is growing.

The only good news from the prolonged debate was that the ludicrous ideas of a full or partial closure of the street was quickly given the flick.

Meanwhile, it was, I believe, all a premature discussion which should have been left to the next Council meeting, when it is planned to have a comprehensive review of the growing  Unley-wide use of footpaths  for eateries.

Many of them are not approved. Many of them do not meet the guidelines. For example, the upturned fruit crates at one site do not, in my humble opinion, get within cooee of the seating standards laid down by Council. And street furniture is, in many cases, adjacent to the premises’ frontage, and  not, as it should be, alongside the kerb.

Grumpy is NOT against outdoor eating per se. If people want to flavour their food and drink with noxious fumes, that’s their (strange) choice.

Meanwhile I have submitted almost 20 questions relating to the phenomenon and its faults. Watch this space.

Hopefully for some answers.

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