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Borrowing our way to the future…

May 7, 2015

Unfortunately, strict “confidentiality” rules prevent me from bringing you even a hint about the latest multi-million project being discussed by my fellow Unley Councillors.

Suffice it to say that if the  idea goes ahead the poor old ratepayer will more than likely  have to eventually shoulder yet another loan on top of the $17million burden facing the city after the upcoming budget.

Just when I thought things couldn’t get worse..they did.

This year the rates are flagged to rise by 4.1% in what is  described as a “balanced”  budget. “Balanced” by dint of putting the corporate hand out for a loan of well above $2million. Some balance!

As a troglodyte, the kindest title some of my colleagues have bestowed on me, I am leery of going deep into the red. We are already there, given that our annual income is only $40million plus. And ahead of us is a collection of projects that would make your eyes water.

To name just some of them.

# A proposed transformation of King William Road into a major longitudinal eatery.

# Major works on the upgrading of sporting facilities in Goodwood.

# Our part in a dramatic multi-storey facelift for Unley Central.

# And, just to cap it all off, our share in the humungus bill for the flood-proofing of the Brownhill/Keswick creek.

But wait. There’s more. But at present my lips are sealed. Though it’s sure to be contentious.

Watch this space. And read with interest the stats table which the “Advertiser” puts out once all the council rate rises have been settled on.

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