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Sturt Football Club’s history books trilogy a “must”.

May 9, 2015

No. You’re not hallucinating.”Grumpy” is actually promoting a code that leaves him cold…

No. I haven’t been ingesting hallucinatory substances.footy player

What I have been doing is reading the sports pages of this weekend’s “Advertiser”… where someone called Rucci pays a two-page tribute  to a footy legend by the name of Harold Oliver.

While the exploits of Mr Oliver takes pride of place on pages 102 and 103, it is the extended “footnote” which has sparked this unexpected  blog.

In the “Reality Bites” article Mr Rucci recalls the link between Oliver and the Double Blues in 1915, when a desolate Oliver’s  remarks about the Double Blue’s first SANFL title became the subject of a tribunal hearing.

Now Sturt historian John Lysikatos, in the first part of a trilogy on his beloved club, has recalled the incident in “We Are Sturt”, the story of the club’s start in 1901 and the 450 players who wore the Double Blue jersey up to 1944.

A hardcover of the book sells for $50, and the soft-cover version for $30 The books can be ordered at the Sturt Football Club in Unley’s Oxford Terrace or from Stuart Shaw (0435 181 805) and John on (0402 103 048 after 3.30 p.m).

Meanwhile, if you have any Sturt memorabilia you are willing to donate for a club museum, John would be delighted to hear from you by email at

P.s. I STILL prefer rugby!.



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