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Bollard gift. The facts.

May 20, 2015

Once again, the media has muddied the waters over a very simple story…

When I voted (as the sole Council objector) to the use of $25,000 for  bollards at the  “A Mother’s Milk” restaurant at the corner of Unley Road and Maud Street, it was based on safety factors, loss of parking space and … most importantly…what I considered to be the wanton misuse of rateypayers’ money.

Despite the “Messenger” story to the contrary, at no stage in the debate did I hear Councillors being told that the owner would have to leave Unley if you, the ratepayers, did not come to the party. In fact, earlier, in the public area, the applicant had undermined his own case by revealing that the outdoor eatery was worth $4000 in trade per week. So, it would seem, there would have not been a huge impact on his  bottom line if he had to meet the full $50,000 cost of the work. This was conveniently overlooked in the Council debate.

Meanwhile, Grumpy has heard , from an impeccable source, that the Council decision has not met with universal approval from Mother’s neighbouring traders.

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