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Parkside property profile.

May 23, 2015

The Hudson hacienda in Parkside is not up for sale, (I’ve repeated the photograph below in case you’ve forgotten what it looks like. Note Mount Lofty in the background) so I normally consign the frequent “Do you want to sell?” bumpf , unopened and unread, to the recycle bin. One regular, notable exception is the information sheet provided by R.. W….. (fill in the blanks if you can, I’m not in the benevolent business of giving commercial concerns free publicity)neuschwanstein_castle_77-lancastria.

That aside, it’s interesting to note that in our salubrious suburb, 38.1 percent of tenure types are outright owners.  Tying (almost) for second place in the pie-chart are purchasers or renters (approximately 30%). Household incomes vary from $15k (five percent) up to nine percent in the $180k bracket. The biggest percentage (20%) are in the $78k-$130k.

Meanwhile the company supplying all these fascinating figures had 10 sales in Parkside in March, with a median price at a respectable $650,000.  In the period April 2014 to March 2015 , the lowest (obviously a converted dog kennel) went for a paltry (less than) $200,000, while the  owners of the top 9% … in Kenilworth, Scott, Regent and Anglo Avenue….  walked away with anything between $1million and $1.5million.

Thanks Ray.

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