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“You can’t cheat an honest man…”

May 24, 2015

…was a very sensible saying from the late (and great) film star W.C.Fields.

Just how sensible is demonstrated in today’s “Mundane Snail”, with the double-page revelations about  the gullible victims of  a  glamorous former entrepreneur from Adelaide who has just gone back into the fashion business in Sydney…leaving behind a host of devastated clients.

If something is hard to believe, then it’s probably dodgy, and in this case the bargains offered by Agnieszka Todt, co-founder of “MyNetSale”, were exactly that, according to the newspaper expose.

It’s the old story, of course, of buyer beware or be conned. Unbelievable bargains are just that, and it’s hard to feel a whole lot of sympathy for the gullible victims



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