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Sharks still circling parklands.

May 25, 2015

You’ve been warned.

It’s pollyspeak at it’s best…or worst.

Lauding the idea of  overhauling planning laws to ease the path of “public infrastructure” on the City’s greenbelt, Planning Minister John Rau says  it  would “streamline” development of tunnels, roads, and tramlines on areas such as the Rymill and Botanic parks.

At present that’s deemed “inappropriate”, which is proving a potential stumbling block for the $160million nightmare of an upgrade of the O-Bahn via tunnelling and a road through Rymill Park.

Mr Rau is trying his best (worst) to defuse the time-bomb by declaring with a straight face  that there were no plans for buildings on the parklands.

I’ll believe that when the moon turns to blue cheese.

Having once  spent a number of frustrating years as a committee member of the Parklands Preservation Association I have absolutely NO faith in North Terrace, or the Adelaide City Council for that matter, doing the right thing by preserving our  green lungs.

Just look at the pig’s ear that is the abortion of Victoria Square. Trees and greenery sacrificed for a reduced, paved desert.

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