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Kaurna backflip by Council.

May 27, 2015

DesertFive years ago, in the light of a counter-claim  by the Ramindjeri tribe, Unley Council acceded to my controversial move to have its pre-meeting acknowledgement of the  Kaurna people as the traditional inhabitants of the Adelaide Plains changed to refer to Aboriginal people as a whole.  The move, in August,  2010, attracted three different deputations at the September Council meeting, when a motion to return to a Kaurna-only acknowledgement was lost.

At Monday night’s Council meeting (May 25) Councillors voted unanimously in  favour of returning to the Kaurna acknowledgement.

In  moving the backflip I pointed out that my  successful 2010 alteration had been brought about by a legal conflict  between the Kaurna people and the Ramindjeri people, with the latter tribe claiming that they, too, were traditional owners of the Adelaide Plains south of the banks of the River Torrens and as far south as (and including) Kangaroo Island.

With that claim struck out by the courts some time ago, I agreed with the Council report that the Kaurna acknowledgement should be returned…a move which Councillors supported unanimously.

In my closing speech, however, I did take the opportunity to point out that it was a significant fact that some historical sources asserted that the interpreter used by Colonel Light and the earliest settlers was…a Kaurna woman!

P.s.And Piccadilly is NOT named after the London district. It is, I have it on the very best of authorities, actually the Ramindjeri word for “eyebrows”, which describes the outline of two adjacent hills in that district.

There! Isn’t that interesting?

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