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Figure it out…

May 30, 2015

Statistics, someone once said, only support statisticians.

And, of course, editors desperate to fill their weekend pages.Which makes it easier for bloggers to find something to write about.

So here goes as far as Grumpy’s home turf is concerned , courtesy of this weekend’s “Advertiser” probe into the suburban and country  numbers game.

Pay  a mere $830 per week in rent  and you’re probably in Unley Park , the most expensive suburb in that category.

In your nineties? Join another 167 residents of Myrtle Bank, which rates third in the age stakes behind Hope Valley (212) and Mount Gambier (175).

Earn around $83,533 a year and you’re probably in Malvern and Unley (third in the taxable income stakes behind Olympic Down and North Adelaide).

Which could also tag you as one of the nine residents in those two suburbs owning a Ferrari.

The leafy  (pictured right) City of Unley as a whole doesn’t score a gimages (25)uernsey in the general population stakes, where somewhere called Elizabeth  West and Cleland share a figure of just THREE each. At least they don’t have to endure noisy neighbours!

P.s. Where the heck is Old Calperum, with four?

And just what the blazes is happening down south in Morphett Vale (where Grumpy was  the local Councillor many moons ago)?. No explanation is available as to the reasons for a 669 DROP in population in the past 10 years. And just how many empty nests are there?

Doesn’t all that make you feel proud to be an Unleyite? Of course it does…


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