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Sit-ins, pickets threat over Goodwood Library’s future

June 5, 2015

accessories-furniture-exceptional-pictures-of-librAny move by Unley Council to hive off the road-frontage of Goodwood Library to a commercial concern could be just one reason for a residents’ demonstration including a media campaign, picket lines and a “sit-in”.

The warning of civil action comes from Goodwood resident Mary Kolusniewski of Ada Street, who addressed the Council at the May meeting and presented a 1318 signature petition.

In a letter all Councillors, Mrs Kolusniewski said that residents were opposed to what she described as “civic vandalism” , and would take all necessary means to prevent  any move to change the facility.

“While we welcome the (Mayoral) letter’s statement that Council has no plans to  close the library or any of its current services, that letter went on to make it clear that a new, purpose-built library is still under consideration, which completely undercuts  that assurance.

“Any centralized service would lose the “village” feeling attached to the present library and access to library services.

“It is obvious that if a centralised library is built the existing satellite libraries would be closed. They were fairly recently upgraded at a cost of $5.3million, and a purpose-built library would cost at least $10million, possibly much more.

“One suggestion (unverified) is that it would be built on the site of the existing community centre in Arthur Street, which would be demolished. More civic vandalism!…

“With any centralised library service we would lose the village feeling attached to the present library, and access to services would become much more difficult for the elderly, the many young parents and the schoolchildren from Goodwood Primary, who use the library in their hundreds”.

Mrs Kolusniewski said that if  signatories to the petition did not get their way the matter would be taken to the media, with residents prepared to mount pickets and sit-ins and, if necessary, be arrested.


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  1. Judy b permalink
    June 8, 2015 10:25 am

    Some overpaid do gooder stafff of council have wanted for a long time to build a mega bid over 50s building to centralise in a brilliant building activities of older residents. Community consultations with those over 50 ( in my case over 65) was resoundingly against this. But when you are in a powerful job and think you know best well what can stop you. Its the same sort of staff push with the libraries- the hub of our communities. Staff think ‘ we could get an award for a beaut new building we could put a photo on the cover of our newsletter… We would look good’. Pity about local people who want a library & toy library nearby & whose quality of life is increased by this. From the council staff point of view its not really about this


  2. Wendy permalink
    June 8, 2015 2:40 pm

    Congratulations to Mary for her ongoing campaign to save the Goodwood Library.
    There is obviously a groundswell of support to retain the library.
    What is wrong with Unley Council in not realising their mistake and declaring now that the Goodwood Library will be retained in its current form?
    I’m annoyed. Very annoyed.


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