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Nepal’s agony continues

June 13, 2015

nepalese templeJust one day after I received an optimistic letter from my Nepalese family in Kathmandu, saying that things had settled down in the earthquake-stricken country, comes news that  a landslide has swept through six villages to the far east of Kathmandu, killing 24 people and leaving dozens more missing..

Meanwhile, although  there have been only a few after-shocks in the capital in recent weeks,  many, many people are surviving the monsoon season still huddled under tarpaulins and tents rather than risk returning to their damaged homes.

“The situation is really difficult and we are staying outside for safety,”  my long-time guide Tenji writes. “I have just returned from my village (Gumdel, near Mount Everest), since due to the earthquake our village home got damaged and I had to remove some belongings. All the trekking has been cancelled until October as the trekking routes have been damaged”.

Fears for a dramatic drop in tourism are, unfortunately well founded, as many of the sites that the tourists visit in the capital of Kathmandu (such as that pictured above) have been shattered, while whole villages which were the destination of the major trekking routes have vanished without trace…

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