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South Parklands’ future

June 16, 2015

What will be the impact on Adelaide’s treasured south parklands of the future redevelopment of the south side of Greenhill Road with multiple-storey offices and residential buildings?

In a word?  Massive. Like the buildings themselves when  compared with the existing streetscape.

parkland picknickersOver the past few years there have been sporadic attempts to involve the City of Unley in talks with Adelaide City Council, over subjects ranging from the relatively minor (a dog park opposite, perhaps, the Himeji Japanese Garden) to ideas with a  much broader and greater impact, such as extensive wetlands.

Not all has been smooth sailing, such as the (fortunately) abortive suggestion to close off Hutt Road between George Street to the south and Glen Osmond Road, effectively stymying north-bound motorists from using Hutt Street! Luckily sanity prevailed…

Why this website’s renewed interest in the green belt to the north of Unley?

An invitation to Grumpy to visit the august halls of Adelaide City Council (where he once lurked as a publicity and promotions officer) and discuss with a senior staff member the idea of a more permanent and fruitful parklands dialogue between the two councils…

Why me? Partly as my direct interest in the issue, as one of the six  Unley Councillors whose wards lie adjacent to the green belt, and secondly, perhaps, as my past history as a member of executive committee of APPA, the Adelaide Parklands Association. And I hasten to add that I was in no way representing Council, merely offering my very personal opinion and interest.

Whatever the reason, the meeting was cordial, wide-ranging and, I hope, the precursor of a unified handling of the wide open greenery that we treasure.

Watch this space for green space updates.


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