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Development dilemma

June 17, 2015

Councillors can help you in your  battle with a developer who has just bought a home near you and plans a sub-division that will see three homes next to you where once there was one…


Simply go to your ward councillor and expect them to do battle on your behalf at the DAP (Development Assessment Panel) meeting.


That’s definitely last decade’s news..

Once upon a time, when dinosaurs roamed the Adelaide Plains and Council had its own planning committee, an Elected Member could, in certain circumstances  go into battle for you if the rules were being bent, or thought to be. Today the horizon’s very different, a kettle of confusion and frustration for aggrieved neighbours.

The non Councillor arbiters of development these days constitute a  majority in the above-mentioned DAP and it is well-nigh impossible for an individual Councillor to enter the fray from outside.

Why all the above explanation?

The little matter of a Parkside Ward predicament where residents of a narrow, secluded and short street are faced with not one but two close developments which would see six town houses replacing two villas.

Try as hard as he might, Grumpy has been unable to convince the various opponents of the development that he and his alter ego can have no involvement, especially as the Council’s planning department asserts that all the rules have been  adhered to.

Frustrated? Of course the neighbours are. Just as those who have been elected to help with residents’ problems are.  But that’s what you get when one level of government (guess North Terrace and you wouldn’t be far from the truth) imposes its distant and dictatorial view on  another.

And the solution?

Read my lips. There isn’t one…

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