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Magnificent Miller music.(Glenn’s that is).

June 20, 2015

Nostalgia rules, OK.

And the  capacity audience wallowed in it at  the  Miller Orchestra’s offering at the capacity Festival Centre    The audience of afficionados greeted each number with knowledgeable applause, although  the lady  next to me seemed a little confused and wondered if the maestro was still alive.

Hardly Madam. Unless he was leading his Second World War  orchestra at the age of two or three! Cos  he died in 1944, when his US  warplane went down in the English Channel.

The orchestra had an all-too-brief life under Glenn, but it lives on wonderfully, augmented  these days  by some spectacularly agile dancers and a brace of vocalists.

Some of the loudest applause went to perhaps Glenn’s best-remembered number, “In The Mood”. Which, as we all know, was “borrowed” almost note-for-note from “Tar Paper Stomp”, a little number recorded way back in the pre-Miller days of 1930 by Barbacue(sic) Bob and his Hot Dogs, alias Joseph “Wingy” Manone.

There, isn’t your life made just that little bit richer by that vital piece of information?

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