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Racial stupidity in name change mania.

June 23, 2015

OK. So there are obvious instances where unfortunate names from the past are subjected to scrutiny and the attention of the politically-correct brigade. Remember all the hype and hysteria over a move to re-badge  one of Down Under’s  best-loved and most-eaten cheese, and the horror of that dark-complected shoe polish.   I’ll leave it up to you to fill in the blanks!

Take, as a prime example, today’s news that a  sandy escarpment in the middle of nowhere (well, actually in Victoria, I think) is embroiled over a move to re-name a small rise in the landscape to satisfy racial sensitivity. Regardless of the fact that Jim Crow Hill apparently commemorates a long-departed resident of that name, and regardless of the fact that the J…C….  term is not exactly  much-used (if ever) in Oz, the powers-that-be say it must be altered.

So, as the column in “The Advertiser” points out, where will it all end? For example, how long it will be before the sex-sensitive section of the movement bear down on Alice Springs, where the town’s highest spot is known as “Billygoat Hill”.  Unfair to nannies. Here , on our own doorstep, should we stop being unkind to  and critical  of insects and find another, non-derogatory appellation for Mosquito Hill? And, oh-my-goodness, I can’t bring myself to even whisper BROWNhill Creek.

Meanwhile, over the border to our east, the owner of the above-mentioned innocent  hillock has made it clear that whatever the administrative nit-pickers do, his little bit of  historic nomenclature will NOT be known by any other name.

One small step for humankind…

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  1. Angela permalink
    June 23, 2015 4:59 pm

    Next they will change place names like Rooty Hill (NSW 2766).
    Now that’s really Australian.
    I remember the headlines a few years back when Prime MInister Julia Gillard packed up Cabinet and headed out to live and work in Rooty Hill for a week.Little old Rooty Hill had a huge run in the press every day.


    • cllrmikehudson permalink*
      June 24, 2015 2:49 pm

      In Dorset, in the south of England, many years ago the residents of a small town petitioned (and succeeded) in having a name change. The reason? It lay astride the river Piddle. Today it is known as Puddletown, though other villages on the waterway have retained their names of Piddletrenthide, etc.

      Not too far away is the delightful “Sixpenny Handley”, which hasn’t succumbed to decimal currency.


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