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Free footy farce costs taxpayers $3500

June 28, 2015

OK, OK. So I have a thing about political highwaymen. But at least the road agents of yesteryear had the sense and decency to hide behind a mask.

Not so today. And definitely  not so in the case of Assistant Minister for Infrastructure James Biggs( no, sorry, that was the Great Train Robber) I mean Briggs.

Seems that Mr Briggs is something of a footy fan and decided that a special seat at the 2014 AFL Grand Final would be a nice way to pass the weekend. Solution? Arrange some (unspecif1ed) “business” and jet off to Melbourne and leave the unsuspecting taxpayer to foot the $3500 bill.

No, not a highly inflated gate fee, but the little extra bill of $1100-plus for flights for the couple, nearly $9oo for “‘spouse allowance”, $1370 for family travel and Comcars, $63 for parking costs, and two nights’ travel allowance.

I don’t know whether Mr Briggs’ team won, but I sure as heck know who lost. Us!

I am NOT accusing Mr Briggs of any financial  wrongdoing. Heaven forfend….What I am railing about is the fact that all the above is LEGAL, and is regarded by Mr Briggs’ fellow trough-feeders as a justified perk.

Meanwhile, back at the growing unemployment queues…

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