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Tra(u)matic consequences…

July 8, 2015

adelaide tramNews that any plans for a tram transformation of Norwood Parade is at least a decade and a half away should be welcomed as a victory for sanity…and a defeat for the loony lobby that is promoting the nightmare of  a similar service on Unley Road.

The pro-tram brigade will point to Melbourne as a classic example of a tram city, and I would agree with them entirely. I used the service all the time during my four years in Victoria, and it was brilliant. But the fair city of Adelaide, especially in the inner suburbs,  is  an entirely different kettle of fish. In Norwood we would see the rape of the shady parade, and in Unley Road an already problematic traffic scene would descend into chaos, with our shopkeepers the financial victims of lost traffic lanes and parking spots. For what?

Unless the powers-that-be can see the value of outer suburban park-and-ride vehicle exchanges commuters will still sit cocooned in their gas guzzlers as they head for central  Adelaide’s  burgeoning parking towers.

What is needed is the Singapore Solution.. Unaccompanied drivers in the Lion City’s centre are non-existent and only multi-passenger private vehicles are allowed in the inner city.



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