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Seat rage sympathy

July 10, 2015

At two metres tall (that’s six foot six inches in real terms), Grumpy has a lot of sympathy for the unfortunate plane passenger  who has just copped  a $600 fine  for wanting to have enough personal space to journey in comfort.

It seems that the unfortunate flyer was mightily upset when the passenger in front of him invaded his personal space by reclining their  seat and refusing to accede to a request to return it to an upright position.

It’s a situation I face every time (or so it seems)  I take my once-a-year flight to Nepal. But rather  than blow my stack I press the “help” button and rise  to tower above the diminutive stewardess I have summoned. Politely explaining the situation, I ask her to inform the passenger in front of me that they will not be able to recline their seat.

Consternation. Confusion. “Impossible”. A hurried staff conference.

Five minutes or so later I am comfortably ensconced in a bulk-head or exit seat with ample extra leg- room…and without the iniquitous extra charge that airlines now impose for it.



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