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Game, jet and match.

July 11, 2015

“Grumpy” comes from good, solid, middle-class stock , with talents that do not warrant a great deal of one-upmanship.

A background, you would think, that would not engender  boastfulness.


One of my father’s seven siblings (there would have been more but HIS father was somewhat preoccupied with helping Britain win the First World War) was apt to put on a bit of side, as the saying goes.

Aunt Bertha was a fair to average bridge player and joined the local card circle to further her social standing. One day, in a lull in play, she casually dropped the information that her son was doing a  RATHER good job as Africa  correspondent for the prestigious “Times” newspaper. And what, she asked one of her fellow  players, is the news on your family front?

“Oh”, said a modest Mrs Branson, “our son Richard’s airline is going quite well”…

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