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Repat Brigade stands firm.

July 15, 2015

Whatever their chances of victory are, the Brigade  of Beards on the steps of the Lunatic Asylum, aka Parliament House, are not about to lay down their arms.

Today the day count of the vigil against the controversial plan to kill off the Repat has just gone into triple figures, while the signatures on their petition have soared towards SIX figures. Which the pollies will, of course, studiously ignore.

The comrades in arms, who sport a formidable array of face fungus, have not been deterred by the deteriorating weather, or the uncomfortable hardness of the steps leading up to their parliamentary foes. While they refuse  monetary support, the occasional coffee or hot soup wouldn’t go amiss, I was told this morning.

So, if you’re passing , give them verbal support and perhaps some liquid warmth. And tell em Grumpy sent you.

Hang in there, fellers! You’re not alone.

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  1. Georgie permalink
    July 16, 2015 12:35 pm

    if they stay there long enough, the state government might change (in 3 years)


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