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Library revolution vision.

July 20, 2015

circular library“Providing collections and content resources continues to be a vital part of library service delivery. We expect  the balance of print and e-Content to change over the next  five to 10 years, although print books will continue to be in demand.

“Over the next 10 years more of our spending on library resources will move to purchasing access to online subscriptions and data bases, eBooks, and access to streaming media content and downloadable content”.

That’s, I believe, the crucial message that appears on page 18 of a major “Tomorrow’s Libraries” report which landed on “Grumpy’s” desk at the weekend.

With the whole report on the South Australian Public Library Network Plan spread over more than 30 pages, this website can only scratch the surface, but if you have the time and interest I recommend it as fascinating reading.

With the recent brouhaha over Goodwood Library, it’s interesting to note on page 14 that: “A trend is for libraries to become multi-purpose community facilities located with other community, cultural or educational facilities to create a more joined-up or seamless experience for customers . They are people places for meeting, sharing ideas and learning, as well as places of quiet contemplation and study….

“As libraries look for new ways to take their services to where the people are, different service models are emerging. Pop up libraries, either temporary or in a more permanent locations such as Malls, collaborations with service organisations, Men’s Sheds, seniors, playgroups, Business SA and similar groups, are providing ways of connecting with non-users to make them aware of what the library offers”…

For a copy of “Tomorrow’s Libraries. Future directions of the South Australian public library network” contact the State Library on 8348 2311 or fax 8223 0964.

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