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Pandora’s box

July 24, 2015

Poor(??) old  Bronwyn has unleashed a tsunami of reported rorting amongst our profligate pollies.

Latest piece of unbelievable extravagance …highlighted in today’s “Advertiser”,  …is that someone called Leon Bignell found it all too difficult to walk 200 metres from a sporting stadium to the nearby railway station. Which meant that you and I, as taxpayers, had to fork out $400-plus for a ministerial car, which was, I understand, parked outside the venue for the duration of the game!

Have a look at the  Tiser’s list of  incredible incidents of  a similar nature and you will note that the snouts-in-the-trough football gets kicked around by both teams in the game.

Sometimes in Parliament there is something called a “conscience vote”:…..ho, ho.

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