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Bloody-minded bureaucracy supreme

July 29, 2015

Just when you think that bureaucracy can’t get any more stupid, along comes evidence that you’re wrong. And evidence that makes Grumpy  truly thankful that he is  not party to the nit-picking rules and regulations regarding property development…

Why the diatribe? The case of two disgruntled Unley residents who have been the unwitting victims of a piece of bureaucratic nonsense that beggars belief.

As a result of the demolition of a neighbouring house, the disenchanted couple  now face the potential of being overlooked, with a consequent devaluing of their property.  And all without any warning, or opportunity to object.

Why?  All because of a narrow  laneway between the two properties, which apparently  means that they are not  classed as an  “adjacent” property under the wording of the Governmental rules and regulations, and therefore were not eligible to become involved in the whole issue!

It has to be stressed that it’s not Local Government stupidity. It’s one of the Alice-in-Wonderland regulations handed down from a higher authority that needs to get a grip on commonsense.


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