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Postal privacy poser.

July 30, 2015

OK. I know it’s been the subject of previous discussion on “Grumpy”, but the continued spectre of  a legal but unconscionable  invasion  of privacy (the opening of mail to Councillors addressed to PO BOX 1, Unley) has raised it’s head again in recent weeks.

The Unley Council administration is merely following orders from another level of Government  in opening, and scanning (and presumably recording) mail addressed to Councillors. An action which I have railed against consistently as a gross invasion of privacy.

Councillors have been asked for their view on the situation, and opinion seems divided.Why, I just can’t understand. If an envelope is marked “private and confidential”, then it is a fair guess that the contents are private and confidential!

So, if you wish to have your correspondence to Grumpy remain confidential, PLEASE lash out on  a few cents and an envelope and the legal peepers will be foiled.

Or invest in a carrier pigeon. At least I will be able to eat the messenger!

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