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Governmental travel rorts. My conscience is Clare.

August 10, 2015

What we need, I told Her Indoors, is a break from the civic round, and especially from Unley Council matters and the brouhaha surrounding the possible future of Goodwood library.

Which is why we found ourselves up in the Clare Valley at the weekend, sampling the delights of Pauletts, Polish Hill, Seven Hill, Skillogalee and sundry other purveyors of  bottled heaven.

That was the upside of the trek north.

Now for the downside.

Wandering down the back streets of the capital of the north we chanced upon a charming bookshop (no  business  name, I’m not allowed to descend into crass commercialism, but proprietoress Miss Gracie Taylor and her pre-loved books made us very welcome), only to have the peace shattered by the arrival of a very vociferous gentleman demanding , at length,  signatures on a petition to the Clare and Gilbert Valley Council.

Which, it seems, has nefarious intentions on the “Clare Discovery Centre” which (yes you’ve guessed it) will see job cuts and a cut in library hours.

In a Bronwynesque tactic I shall, of course, now be billing Unley’s ratepayers for the whole cost of the fact-finding weekend…




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