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No good turn…

August 13, 2015

…goes unpunished.

The old and cynical saying almost came true  for Grumpy last night.

Returning home southwards from delivering Son Number Two to the bus station for his overnight journey to Melbourne, I turn left out of Duthy Street a hundred metres or so  short of a set of flashing red and blue lights. Suddenly a dark-clothed figure waving a miniscule torch leaps out of the darkness into my trusty Laser’s path.

…  A barrage of questions.

“Why did you turn into this road?” Because it’s the direct  way to my home.

“Have you been drinking?” Not for 36 hours.

“What’s your name?”

“What’s your home address?”

“Do you have your licence with you?”

My turn for the questions.

“Might it not be a good idea to wear lighter coloured clothing so you don’t get run down?”

“And how about a LARGE torch that drivers can see?”


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  1. Cr Bob Schnell permalink
    August 13, 2015 9:16 am

    An arresting story


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