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How to stifle business initiative

August 29, 2015

Are you sitting comfortably?

Then I’ll begin.

Once upon a time there was a damsel who, for a variety of reasons, found herself in need of a niche in the State’s business world.  After taking all the necessary steps, such as gaining corporate  knowledge, and written proof of her credentials,  she wound her way to the seventh floor at 100 Pirie Street, castle of the giant who goes by the name of ASIC.

Crossing the threshold of a large foyer,  she was confronted by a large glass wall featuring  a  small and mysterious notice bearing the  word ” Press”. Having been brought up to obey, as a well-brought-up child she did as she was commanded. Whereupon she was confronted by  a castle gate-keeper who,  despite all her protestations that she had all the necessary items and sack of gold coins  required to register a new business, declined to be of assistance.

The lavish suite of offices, of which the attendant appeared to be the sole inhabitant, had, it seems, fallen victim of the giant known as “Online”.

She would, the gatekeeper explained, have to move with the times, as his masters had done. At which point he produced a business card bearing the message “Want more  information? Visit or you can call our Customer Contact Centre on 1300 3oo 630”.

Crestfallen, our fair maiden conceded defeat and was last heard of  sobbing gently as she tried to reach the Australian Securities and  Investments Commission electronically, while wondering why it’s luxurious Pirie Street  went unoccupied.

Watch this space for, we hope,  a happy ending to this  Grimm tale.

P.s. I wonder why the ASIC website still only mentions any postal address and does not acknowledge that the drawbridge has been raised and the  move to the electronic countryside has not been heralded?



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