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Cricket death mystery.

August 30, 2015

images (6)South Australian cricketer Phil Hughes is  struck on the side of the head while batting in a Sheffield Shield match against NSW. He dies two days later without regaining consciousness.

No mystery.

A sad but simple sporting accident.

The  mystery?

Why, nine months on, has the New South Wales Government announced a coroner’s inquest, with all players on the field at the time of the accident being called to give evidence, including, naturally enough, the bowler who delivered the ball, Sean Abbott.

OK, it was a shocking event. But what will  be the benefit from dragging it all through the legal rigmarole ? Nothing, except to reopen sad memories. Isn’t it all very unnecessary and insensitive for all  concerned?

Commonsense should dictate that nothing will be achieved except the reopening of  an old wound.

What on EARTH is the State Government thinking of?


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