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Burnside postpones Brownhill Creek vote.

September 8, 2015

By a vote of five to three,  Burnside Council tonight voted to delay making any decision on a  move  by Unley Council to seek further information-gathering on the cost and effectiveness, etc, of water harvesting and usage in any action on the stormwater management plan for  Brown Hill Creek.

The motion was moved by Councillor Di Wilkins and seconded by Councillor Helga Lemon.

Councillors  Rufus Salaman and Michael Rabbitt, together with “Grumpy” were in the crowded  public gallery to hear Mayor Lachlan Clyne and Councillor Jenni  Boisvert  put Unley’s point of view… together with Mr  Bellchamber and his fellow  anti-dam supporters.

The long-drawn-out saga (it spans more than a decade) staggers along, with Unley Council due to debate the issue next Monday, September 14. As mentioned before here, it’s likely to be a rugged and drawn-out  session, so be early to get dibs on a seat in what promises to be a lively evening…

Grumpy has ordered an asbestos suit.

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