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Mayoral French jaunt and the Milk of public kindness.

October 20, 2015

“Grumpy” has long since given up trying to understand the public’s line on monetary matters.

While I was away, Council voted in favour of  $6,000-plus being allocated from rates revenue to enable new father Lachlan Clyne to toddle off to France to represent Council at the centenary celebrations of the town of Pozieres, scene of one of the bloodiest battles of World War One , in which “Unley’s Own” played a major and costly role.

Fair enough, and despite the flood of “Don’t go” messages to this web-site I would probably have, more than somewhat reluctantly,  put my hand up. After all, as one of my council colleagues pointed out, it comes to 33 cents or less per ratepayer.

Meanwhile, let’s look at a much more profligate  splash-out from the public purse…the “Milk” in the above headline.

Grumpy’s followers will doubtless support his dismay at the profligate use of the public purse…a lot, lot more than the  French adventure…to enable an Unley Road restaurant owner to drum up more trade for his business.

Well, the public’s generosity has been revealed to  the public gaze thanks to a series of probing questions-on-notice posed to the September meeting of Council by Grumpy and Councillor Rufus Salaman, local representative of the ward in which the handout has been handled.

The  Administration’s answers reveal  that up to September Council had shelled out “approximately” $3,814 for the tired and ugly “water walls” which have taken up valuable parks spaces.  That figure will rise, as it is revealed that no deadline has been imposed on “A Mother’s Milk”, with design work still  a work in progress.

According to an answer to a question from Councillor Salaman the  cost to Council so far for the build-out of the footpath eatery is approximately $25,000. Nice work if you can get it…and all to allow would-be  trendy diners to inhale carbon monoxide fumes from Unley Road’s increasingly dense traffic!!!

As a financial footnote on all the above, Grumpy has done some rudimentary mathematics.

$25,000, plus the $3,800 for the water-filled plastic barriers, would, by my rudimentary maths, be enough to send half the Council members to France to give Mayor Clyne moral support…

Mon Dieu!

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