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Stow Court mystery deepens.

October 22, 2015

For sale, or not?

In a bid to solve the deepening mystery over the future of the 100-plus Housing Trust apartment complex on Fullarton Road, 75 or so of the residents have petitioned Housing and Urban Development Minister John Rau and Social Housing Minister Zoe Bettison to clarify the situation.

The plea comes after an incident first reported here a month or so ago on “Grumpyinunley”, with the news that a would-be applicant for housing there was told that it was not possible to give her help because “tenants there were going to be relocated and the land is to be  sold”.

On October 13 the General Manager, Strategy and Innovation at Renewal SA, Fairlie Delbridge, wrote to one of the residents saying the organisation, on behalf of the SA Government, had a policy to renew most pre-1968 Housing Trust dwellings located within 10 kilometres of  Adelaide CBD.

“The strategy, known as Renewing our Streets and Suburbs, ” it said, “will provide South Australians with better quality social housing, increase housing choices and affordability and enhance the liveability of South Australia.

“Inevitably, at times like this, inaccurate information is communicated, which can cause concern. Renewal SA would like to advise all tenants of Stow Court that while the site does not meet the Renewing Our Streets and Suburbs  criteria, there are no plans in the short or medium term to do any re-development at Stow Court”.

This would, it would seem, give some relief to the worried tenants, as only a decade or so the complex underwent extensive and expensive upgrading. (*Grumpy was there when the plans were unveiled at a marquee meeting). But it does not answer the question of  the advice and refusal given to the recent applicant for accommodation.

Now in it’s communication with the two above-mention Ministers, the signatories says that the alleged  comments made by the staff member have caused them grave concern, as any future plan for the 106-flats complex, as for many of them it has been their home and community for many years,

“It has been a haven for some tenants with mental health, mobility and ageing problems. Over a ten-year period, which only ended five years ago Stow Court underwent an expensive renovation which was stressful to tenants.  Although most are happy with the outcome, we are distressed to know that this upgrade might have been for nought.

“Please respond to this communication in writing at your earliest convenience, and we request that any short or long-term plans for the complex be outline in your reply. We also need to know the details of the current certificates of title on the property and of any future changes to the titles”.

Watch this space for  updates.

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  1. Roger Dereuter permalink
    October 23, 2015 5:23 am

    It’s good to have you back Mr Hudson


    • cllrmikehudson permalink*
      October 23, 2015 5:33 pm

      Thank you for that. It’s nice to be back.
      And please keep those comments coming. With one major exception they will always be published.


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