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Cycling: Glimmers of sanity.

October 28, 2015

All is not cut and dried, apparently, in the issue of cyclists being allowed to invade the safety of footPATHS.

In addition to the Liberals apparently  taking a long hard look at the inane idea, I was assured at Monday’s Unley Council meeting that local government will have discretionary powers when it comes to the crunch.

And, as I told Council, it is imperative that users of areas such as Parkside’s delightful Windsor Street  linear pathway must be protected, as they are at moment, by  “no bike” signs. I have also asked for clarification of the question of blame should a cyclist be injured as a result of Councils allowing the potential hazard to pedallists from  “A” frames and other footpath obstructions, such as unauthorised pavement eateries, which are blossoming unchecked throughout the Unley area..

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