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Nepal crisis. China throws lifeline.

October 29, 2015

In a move that will no doubt have dire consequences for the long-term Nepal-India relationship, China has signed an agreement to supply desperately needed fuel to the land-locked nation, which is fighting for its economic survival as the result of the southern border blockade which has dragged on for two months. .

The controversial move, which could have dire consequences for the long-established Nepal/India  accord, is desperately needed to alleviate the crisis that has brought Kathmandu and all parts of the country to its knees. In past months there has been a growing desperation as fuel and other essentials have been stranded in India by over-zealous customs officials taking advantage of Nepal’s internal squabbles over the new constitution.

At the height of the blockade the queue of immobilised trucks at one border town  stretched back a staggering 40 kilometres into India…

Meanwhile, while the United States has issued a “don’t go” warning to its  citizens, there appears to have been no such action by Australian authorities, and the media and travel agents seem  completely oblivious to the crisis.

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