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Quiz nights’ death by wrist-watch

November 27, 2015

They’ve always been a sure-fire fund raiser, but, if Grumpy’s recent experience is anything to go by, the whole quiz-night world is destined to disappear in a puff of smoke. Unless, that is, someone can come up with a sure-fire way of stymying the ever-increasing cheating  by which  competitors short-cut their way to the answers.

Not that long ago it was a matter of trust. Check your phones in  at the door and rely on good old general knowledge to navigate the multitude of questions on a multitude of subjects. Now all you have to do is strap on an inconspicuous (read undetectable) electronic wrist-watch and, hey presto, the night is yours!

It’s a bit like my once-favourite past-time of Scrabble, which is, as I demonstrated some time ago on “Grumpy”…with a sentence consisting entirely of Inuit (Eskimo) words!!! …an example of murder by technology.

Sorry, but I will only ever go to another quiz-night if I am allowed to lug along a  complete set of the Encyclopedia Britannica to put me on a level playing field with the Electronica Brigadia.

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