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Rape of the public’s parklands.

December 6, 2015

No, that’s not thunder in the distance. It’s the sound of Colonel William  Light exploding with fury at the latest suggested assault on his great and green legacy to the fair city of Adelaide…

Writing in his regular load of tosh for the “Mundane Snail”, Chris Kenny launches into the tired old subject of maximising the city parklands by handing a sizeable portion of  our green lung to the building fraternity…a group hardly noted for its public welfare and conscience!

While Grumpy is resigned to the fact that the southern side of Greenhill Road (which carries a fume-factory 50,000 vehicles a day!) is to become a solid wall of seven or eight-storey edifices from Glen Osmond Road to the showgrounds, he is appalled at the nightmare of the southernmost section of the south parklands replicating that future residential canyon wall.

If you have the time (and the stomach) to read the Mail , you will understand my revulsion at Mr Kenny’s comments and views. He derides the Adelaide Park Lands Preservation Association as a “quaint embodiment of the NIMBY movement”. I was, for a number of years, closely connected with that body and am dismayed at his woeful ignorance of the immense amount of time and energy that its members have devoted to minimising the commercial rape of Light’s vision.

Yes. Of course we can boost the recreational use of the green belt…but handing over a large slice of it to the building industry is NOT the way to go.

All of the above is based on the following Kenny quotes.

“The plan going the rounds is to sell or lease(??) a thin strip of land around the edge of the parklands – definitely along Greenhill Road in the south parklands but perhaps elsewhere as well — to  turn it over for apartments, offices, cafes and restaurants. You only have to look at what has happened to the south of Greenhill Road over the years to see the commercial appeal”.

Unsurprisingly, Mr Kenny then reveals that though the proposal would certainly bring howls of outrage…”Senior politicians and BUSINESSPEOPLE (my capital letters) have been  chatting informally about the idea”

And that’s what it is really all about…business.

Meanwhile, on the subject of population, I am at a loss to understand why a huge boost in body-numbers in the State will be of financial benefit in the long run. Yes, while all the buildings are going up the housing trade will collar heaps of dollars.

But what then? More bodies for the same number of income sources. We produce and manufacture half of bugger-all and even a substantial number of submarines will be no long-term solution.

Have a great day, to quote a fellow Councillor.






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  1. Anne Wilson permalink
    December 7, 2015 6:15 pm

    Thank you, Cr. Hudson. We all need reminding of the ongoing attempts (and successes) of private interests to appropriate these public spaces. I always avoid reading Chris Kenny, so it’s reassuring to know you’re monitoring him.


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