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‘Tis the season to be merciless

December 16, 2015

To heck with the holly. No mercy for the mince pies. Claws out for Mr Claus…

Let’s have a little competition for fellow Grumpy-ites…

Over the past twelve months I have been compiling a yuletide list of ad-lands worst gifts to humanity. My “mute” button is in intensive care through over-use.

# And top-of-the-shop spot goes to that moronic woman who leaps tall buildings to reach the sanitary sanctuary of her  roll of four-ply toilet-paper. Try folding, darling!

# Followed closely by a relative newcomer to your screen…the pathetic piping shrike who scares the bejasus out of a family innocently walking through a city park to twitter on about bank loans (I think).

# Moving right along, it appears that everyone in  the State now owns (or soon will do) something called a Jeep.

# And talking of motors, how the hell does the RAA get to house all their service areas into the back of that little van?

# Reclining chairs?  Give it a rest, fellers!!!

# And I hope that innocent housewife helping out with home decoration takes her mad pseudo-Scottish  partner to court for paint-roller assault.

# Talking of pests. Those home invaders should, by now, be fully sensitised against those miraculous sprays. You’re wasting your puff.

# And, to bring this diatribe to an end…What is the RSPCA doing about those short-sighted sportspersons who, when they are not are saving innocent, reluctant seals from the surf, are leaping skywards to de-feather passing  seagulls?

If you’ve read this far, and can offer even MORE irritating commercials, I’d love to hear from you.









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  1. December 16, 2015 6:23 pm

    #4 the van is a TARDIS in disguise.

    more crappy commercials?
    The idiot who accidentally laminates the cat.
    The other idiot who accidentally swallows a trumpet.
    All of those ‘cash fasterer’ type loan ads.
    All “AMI” insurance ads.


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