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Flirting with disaster.

January 11, 2016

Up to now I have studiously avoided entering into the minefield.

But truth must out…

I flirt. I hug. I kiss.


What’s more, I have yet to be rebuffed, reported to the politically correct police, or had my misdemeanours splashed across the pages or screens of the morbidly obsessed media. Of course, that’s because revelations of my horrific misdemeanours  aren’t worthy of  headlines or pontification from  jaded journalists and their circulation-driven masters who seize on anything for a headline.

What’s that old news-gatherers saying about “If it cries it’s good “?

Get over it, guys and girls.

Last time I looked, gals are just as likely as guys (possibly more so) to display shows of affection, the come-hither looks.

It will be a sad, sad day when a male peck on  the cheek or a flirty compliment become victims of the morality police…


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