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Nanny State pool nonsense

January 13, 2016

And who will police it? And whatever happened to parental responsibility?

I refer, of course, to the latest piece of laughable legislation… the requirement for backyard inflatable pools to be registered.

Will it be the local councils? Most of whom are having a tough staffing a time as it is with the increasing problem of inner suburbs swamped by commuter all-day free parking. I foresee a plaintive public notice for two-metre-plus pool peepers tall enough to  to scour the suburbs. And will stores be required to fill in a plethora of forms and dob in the purchaser  when they sell a plastic pool?

Somewhere along the line it must be up to home owners to step up to the plate.

Meanwhile, if we are so worried by the whole thing, what about something being done to fence off all the creeks that run through the parklands, sometimes brimming with water?

I can only think that our law-makers have been indulging too much in illegal substances.

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