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Name maze for Unley

January 22, 2016

So. You would like to commemorate someone, perhaps a relative, by recording their name in a public place? Like a road, or a garden seat in a park…

Easy. All you do is contact Unley Council with your proposal, and the powers-that-be will guide you through the multi-layered municipal  nomenclature maze..

Before you do, however, there’s bit of free Grumpy advice. It’s NOT as easy as it sounds.

Don’t take my word for it. Find, read and inwardly digest the 15-page explanatory document which Elected Members (read Councillors) will be faced with when they meet on  Monday evening.

To comply with Section 219 of the Local Government Act 1999 (I hope you are taking notes) Members are faced with approving and adopting a revised policy  to meet State Government requirements.

Skipping lightly over the details, Grumpy brings you the news that the name of the policy has been changed to make it obvious that the rules and regulations will cover “roads, laneways, walkways, Council-owned facilities such as buildings, parks, reserves and other physical structures throughout the City of Unley”.

As the Council Administration puts it: “The street and place names which surround us are reflections of the history of the council area and past generations of residents and colourful local identities. This helps establish a sense of community identity  and embraces many cultural backgrounds. The revised policy continues this tradition of recognition and inclusiveness”.

Any name should, it is pointed out,  add to the cultural value and heritage of the area, and recognise any  historical social and cultural development through the naming of Council-owned buildings, roads, walkways, bridges, seats , gates, shelters and furniture”.

Preference will be given to former Council members , staff, people and community   groups who have given outstanding service to the city. Plus names which reflect any aspects of the social, cultural or historical significance, including pre-European Settlement heritage.`Names of living persons and commercial entities will generally be avoided.

Generally, Council will meet any costs associated with the naming of a facility, while unduly long names and names composed of two or more words should be avoided.

And initials? Be VERY careful. For example any plans for a shortened  “Wallaby Creek Road” would not get the nod.

I wonder why?




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