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Casino needs a reality check.

January 23, 2016

I’ve led a disgraceful life.

I’ve played blackjack in every corner of the globe. Las Vegas. Macau. Monte Carlo. Every casino in Australia. London. Vienna. Bled. St Louis. Nepal. Dubrovnic. Venice.

I haven’t made a fortune, or lost one. It’s been an interesting world tour– with, surprisingly, Kathmandu coming out tops, even though five on its seven dens of iniquity have shut their doors recently  in the face of rampant greed in the form of escalating Government licence fees.

In all of them I have been courted with the local brew, mostly “on the house”.

In Adelaide? Forget it. Unless, that is if you hold one of the North Terrace establishment’s range of membership cards….the colour graded to match your recorded monetary turnover.

All of which is leading up to the horror of trying to quaff an iconic Cooper’s Light Ale, only to be told that my second home didn’t have it in stock!!!

Un-bloody believable.

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