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Lottery leeches

January 26, 2016

So you check your lottery ticket and suddenly your life changes. There’s enough money in the bank to pay off the mortgage, splash out on a new car (or three) and perhaps a long-delayed overseas holiday. With enough left over to shout yourself an early retirement.

That’s the upside. Unless, unless…

You foolishly didn’t read the fine print and didn’t tick the “anonymity” box.

That’s what happened to the lucky(?) lady who this week found herself in line for an incredible $76million thanks to a giant British  lottery.

And an incredible tidal wave of begging letters.

Sadly her dilemma is nothing new. Many years ago, our then neighbour in Eden Hills won enough to buy a couple or more houses,  take an extended overseas trip…and lose long-time friends (not us) who felt they were entitled to a share of her good luck.

The lesson of the above? READ THE SMALL PRINT. And if there is a “No publicity” clause in the conditions, make sure you tick it.








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